Super Fixed Goal with Nylon Net


If your play environment does not need to follow the sanctioned rules of the NCAA, NFHS, FIBA or NBA – GARED’s extensive line of recreational indoor/outdoor rims will exceed your needs • Constructed to last through every storm, all of our rims feature CSPC compliant powder-coated finish • Regardless of budget, application or climate – we will help you score!

Understanding the anatomy of a front mounted fixed rim is the first step in choosing the correct fit for your needs •A fixed rim is comprised of 4 basic components: ring, bracing, net attachment and back-plate •As you add rings, ring diameter and strengthen bracing – you are building a stronger rim • Most of GARED’s fixed goals are double ringed rims, with various levels of bracing • All rims feature universal backplates and ship with an outdoor quality net •While all of our fixed goals feature universal hole patterns, we do not encourage putting fixed rims on glass backboards.

The 240 Front mounted super goal offer affordable and yet superior playground performance • 18” Double Rings • 5/8” top ring & 1/2” bottom ring • Dual 5/8” x 15” bracing • No-Tie Net Attachment for installation ease.

240: Super Goals with GGN Nylon Net, 2 Year Limited Warranty
5” x 5” Hole spacing, Weight: 18 lbs, ground courier service, 24 hour ship guarantee