Endurance® Rear Mount Reverse Slam Goal with Nylon Net


Rear mount basketball goals are designed to increase the life span of rear mounted backboards • With a backward “L” design, the rim connects to the backboard from behind, eliminating the chance of damaging the protective powder-coat on the front of the board • When connected to a gooseneck or straight-armed post, the rear-mount configuration is the strongest available on the playground • Due to their unique design, rear-mount goals are only compatible with rear-mounted backboards •To make ordering easy, GARED’s rear mount Backboards & goals include a “66” in the product part number.

The 8566 Endurance Reverse Slam Goal is the toughest rear mount rim for the most competitive players • Continuous wing brace with the endurance no-tie system for secure net attachment • Double rim, 3/4” top ring and 5/8” bottom ring make it the strongest double rim goal • Includes GAW net and mounting hardware • Use with the 1266, 1266T backboards.

8566: Endurance Reverse Slam Goal, Limited Lifetime Warranty
4” X 3 7/8” Hole Spacing, Weight: 34 Lb, Ground Carrier Service, 24 hour ship guarantee