5-9/16" O.D. Front Mount Adjustable Straight Post with 5' Braced & Strutted Extension


Are you building a basketball court, but unsure where to begin? When searching for an outdoor system, consider play environment, usage, weather elements, and budgetary concerns. GARED® makes it easy by offering three levels of outdoor posts and packages – Economy, Standard-Duty, and Heavy-Duty – so you can choose the outdoor system that is most suitable for your application. Outdoor Posts

Build your court by first choosing an appropriate backstop - GARED® outdoor posts are offered in several styles, sizes and safe play zones to fit your facility’s needs • Posts are formed from heavy wall galvanized steel for superior protection against weather elements • Each post is approximately 13’ tall, with 3’ to be installed in a 4’ x 2’ concrete footing to ensure long-lasting post stability • 5-9/16” and 6-5/8” O.D. posts are comprised of Schedule 40 steel, providing unmatched strength and durability to the units • All posts contain a backboard mounting plate welded to post end for hassle-free attachment to most backboards • Powder-coated posts available – please call for quotation • GARED post padding is optional and recommended.

AABS60: 5 9/16" Straight Post with Braced Arm, Limited Lifetime Warranty

Weight 312, Truck, Freight Class 50, 24 Hour Ship

• 5 9/16" O.D.

• 6' Foot Extension

• Front Mount Compatible

• Straight vertical round post with horizontal extension arm

• Arm is height-adjustable to allow for all-age play settings

• All units include a V-brace with attachment hardware to eliminate backboard vibration

• 5-9/16” posts include an additional strut connecting the vertical post to the arm for added rigidity

• Board and Goal not included