5-9/16" O.D. Front Mount Adjustable Straight Post, 5' Braced & Strutted Extension, BB72G50 Backboard, 5500 Goal


Extreme play can be hard on ty pical outdoor basketball systems. Only GARED® delivers a Heavy -Duty Outdoor System that can easily bear the brunt of today’s strong and aggressive players, while the Schedule 40 galvanized steel posts provide an unyielding backstop in harsh play environments. Whether your court is in a busy park, school playground, urban area, or military base, you can count on GARED® Heavy-Duty Systems to take on the roughest games and keep coming back for more.

PK6051: Heavy-Duty Outdoor Adjustable Straight Arm Playground Package

Weight: 509 LBS, Truck, Freight Class 50, 70, 85, 24 Hour Ship 

• AABS60, 5 9/16" O.D. Braced Front Mount Straight Arm Post

• 5' Extension

• BB72G50, 42" x 72" Outdoor Glass Backboard with Target & Border

• 5500, Titan Double Flex Rim

• Front Mounted Playground System