42” x 72” Clear Defense Treated Regulation Glass Backboard with Steel Frame


When choosing the right glass backboard for your facility, choose GARED®. Our line features the most comprehensive options for every play environment. Not all glass backboards are created equally, which is why all indoor GARED® glass backboards feature 1/2” tempered glass, fired- in target and border and ‘Made in the USA’ stamp of approval. Regardless of size, shape, frame type or application - we can ensure that you will be creating premium level of play. When pairing glass backboards and rims, GARED® recommends that you choose one of our universally compatible breakaway rims to protect the life of your backboard.

Why is Steel different from Aluminum? Steel’s inherent qualities of strength and durability create the ultimate support structure for the tempered glass. While most aluminum framed boards fail at about 700 lbs of pressure, GARED® steel frame regulation backboards can withstand in excess of 1100 lbs of direct force. Additionally, the steel frames are powder-coated to prevent oxidation and increase the board’s longevity. Our steel framed line includes regulation 42 x 72, tall 48 x 72, and a conversion 42 x 72. All backboard meet NCAA, NAIA & NFHS specifications. GARED’s Limited Lifetime & 10 Year Warranties cover all steel-framed glass backboards.

We offer the largest and most complete family of regulation size glass backboards utilizing the GARED® Glass Retention System. This remarkable application greatly reduces the dangerous shower of glass pieces typical when backboards shatter – and greatly reduces the chance of injury to players, spectators, coaches and officials. Our Glass Retention System is as simple as it is effective: A clear polymer laminate is applied to the backside of the backboard and does not affect play in any way. Purchase new boards with the Glass Retention System factory installed – LXP4200CD, AFRG42CD. Even the best -manufactured glass Backboards will break occasionally – usually because of abuse, vandalism or improper installation.

LXP4200CD: 42” x 72” Regulation Steel Framed Glass Backboard, Limited Lifetime Warranty
Same as LXP4200 with GARED’s Glass Retention System, 5” x 4” Hole Spacing,
Weight: 201 LBS, Truck, Freight Class 85, 24 Hour Ship