39” x 54” Auxiliary Glass Backboard with Steel Frame


When choosing the right glass backboard for your facility, choose  GARED®. Our line features the most comprehensive options for every play environment. Not all glass backboards are created equally, which is why all indoor GARED® glass backboards feature 1/2” tempered glass, fired- in target and border and ‘Made in the USA’ stamp of approval. Regardless of size, shape, frame type or application - we can ensure that you will be creating premium level of play. When pairing glass backboards and rims, GARED® recommends that you choose one of our universally compatible breakaway rims to protect the life of your backboard.

Interested in updating your side courts? Love the play of glass, but don’t have room for a 42” x 72” backboard? Structures won’t support the weight of a tall or short glass board? GARED® offers a rectangular and fan-shaped glass alternative. Using the same quality of glass as our competition line of product, our special glass backboard line will fit your side court needs. Each backboard features steel frame to provide optimal strength and 20” x 35” mounting patterns. GARED’s Limited Lifetime Warranty covers all specialty glass backboards.

FSGII: 39” x 54” Auxiliary Fan -Shape Glass Backboard, Limited Lifetime Warranty
5” x 4” Hole Spacing, Weight: 109 LBS, Truck, Freight Class 85, 24 Hour Ship