3-1/2" O.D. Unbraced Rear Mount Gooseneck Post, 3' Extension, 1266 Backboard, 66T Goal


Looking for a budget-friendly outdoor system that stands the test of time? GARED® economy Outdoor Gooseneck and Straight Post Packages are the perfect choice for lightly-used facilities such as elementary schools, daycares, rural parks, and residences. Paired up with your favorite GARED® fan backboard and institutional single rim, these light-duty packages make it easy to outfit your court without breaking your budget.

Rear Mount product ordering tip: Please remember, when choosing GARED’s rear mount configuration: Post - Model # ends with “R”; Backboard - Model # contains “66”; Rim - Model # contains “66”.

PK3515: Unbraced Rear Mount Economy Outdoor Gooseneck Playground Package

Weight: 173 LBS, Truck, Freight Class 50, 70, 85, 24 Hour Ship 

• GNA35R, Unbraced Rear Mount 3 ½” O.D.Gooseneck Post

• 3’ Extension

• 1266, Fan-shape Steel with White Finish, Rear Mount 

• 66T, Fixed Single Rim, Rear Mount

• Rear Mounted Playground System